Boys today are consuming information they aren’t completely ready to handle. The adult part of their brain is still forming and isn’t ready to apply all that our society throws at them. Their mind takes it in and files it, but their will and emotions are not prepared to act on it in a healthy way. Teens can become very confused and disconnected by all the content they consume. Teens want so much to be able to experience the world they’ve seen on websites or heard on podcasts, but they don’t realize they are unprepared for the experience emotionally.  

Boys Turning 13 was written and produced by Matthew D. Jones Jr, LMSW, ACSW, a Clinical Social Worker. He has worked with boys for over 30 years and know the emotional challenges boys face when making the transition from a kid to turning 13 years old. He is the author of several books. His second book was title “Raising Boys To Become Responsible Men.” The rapper on the CD, Black Nowledge has been musically incline since the age of 8. He plays several instruments and writes his own music and performs in local clubs in the Detroit, MI metro area. His performances are high energy and his lyrics are very pointed.